The feeling is an individual’s reaction to an event, person, or thing. Positive feelings complement and make a better quality of life. The feelings we experience last for several hours, days and even months, if one is paying attention to them. You may already wonder, how do you make positive feelings manifest and remain? So read …

Going to wellness generates a specific state of happyness. This state of is generated by the sense of pleasure that the wellness center provides to an individual during his stay in wellness. Aromatic smells, light music, water and bubbles make it easy to forget on time. Wellness is a place where you can indulge in a true sense of pleasure, a good mood and a happy state. After leaving the wellness center, the feeling of relief that a person feels is indispensable – the purity and ease of movement lasts up to several days. Wellness is simply a way to contribute to a better quality of life, as well as a new approach to health.

The concept of wellness is such that with various treatments of relaxation, healthy nutrition and positive attitude contribute to a life that reflects pleasure. Just imagine the moment you get out of  wellness and when you feel happy, contented and relaxed. Such a situation results in positive thoughts that consequently have an impact on your current and future better life, no matter about which segment of life you are thinking. So do something for yourself and your closest ones today and book your future moment in wellness. Experience this experience that you will surely remember and make sure you take advantage of this moment for yourself, for your sense of happiness. And let it stay…

In order to keep this feeling it is necessary to renew it. More specifically, it is necessary to build a habit of going to wellness, for example once a week, so that all the days between you can be ready. That is why we have prepared a unique concept of wellness experience where you can achieve it in an intimate setting with quality treatments. Already after the first wellness experience, it will become a feeling that you simply do not want to forget. Visit our Stambolija wellness studio in Biribaci, near Umag and experience a unique wellness experience on the west coast of Istria.



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