We all know that health is the most important, we know that we feel great when we are healthy, but do we all know what it takes to maintain our high health level so that we can use life to the maximum? If you are not sure about the answers to these questions then read more …


That we are healthy we can say at a moment when our level of general functioning of the organism is high and it is not disturbed by the adverse and disadvantages of various impacts. In short, it is the moment when body, spirit and social well-being are at optimal levels. In order to achieve this state it is necessary hard work and a lot of discipline. But what do you do to keep your health at an enviable level?


  1. Healthy Diet – No, we do not say that you have to grow your organic food and become an eco-freak (you can, it is not bed), but let’s say you could starting to introduce some “healthy habits” to your daily diet. Start with fresh orange juice every morning or less spicy food. Pay attention to when and what to have for dinner and you are already halfway to a healthier diet. Otherwise, they say that Mediterranean cuisine has a profound effect on the overall health of an individual. And do not forget about a glass of good wine sometimes.


  1. Physical Activity – You may not be a born athlete, and you may not even be a jogging person, but we’re sure that you coluld do half an hour for walking (or fast walking) daily. It may not be bad for you to download some of the applications that measure steps on a daily basis. Their goal is usually 10,000 steps a day. We are confident that you can achieve that goal!


  1. Stambolija Chiropractic & Wellness studio – yes, yes, we are one very important factor when maintaining your health is concerned. In our studio you can find a variety of chiropractic treatments, after which you can rest in our little wellness oasis. Of course, you do not need to combine them, but since you can find it all in one place, why not?



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